New Date for the 2020 Athens Half Marathon due to anti-Covid 19 measues - To be held on 20 September 2020

Details and this year's Race Manual of the 2020 Athens Half Marathon will be announced at a later stage.

You need to know that...

In order for anyone to be eligible to participate in the Half Marathon Race, he/she needs to be at least 18 years old (born in 2002 or older).


The Half Marathon Race starts at Syntagma Square (Amalias Avenue). The Half Marathon course follows the route below:

Panepistimiou Avenue – Aiolou Str – Stadiou Avenue – Filellinon Str – Amallias Avenue – Vas. Olgas Avenue – Vas. Konstantinou Avenue up to Eratosthenous Str – Vas. Sofias Avenue – Vas. Sofias /Kifisias/Alexandras Avenue Junction – Alexandras Avenue – Patision Avenue – U turn at Kefallinias Str – Patision Avenue (towards Omonia Square) – Aiolou  Str – Stadiou Avenue – Filellinon Str – Amalias Avenue (change direction lane at Vas. Olgas Avenue lights) – At. Diakou Str – Ardittou Str – Vas. Konstantinou Avenue – Vas. Sofias Avenue –Zacharof Str – Alexandras Avenue – Patision Avenue – Panepistimiou Avenue – Amalias Avenue - Finish at Syntagma Square, in front of the Greek Parliament

Runners finish on Amalias Avenue, Syntagma Square (in front of the Greek Parliament), after two laps.

Before the Race

Before leaving your residency make sure that you have the following:

• Race Bib and safety pins (timing chip is embedded in the race bib)

• Kit bag with the race bib sticker stamped on, clearly visible.

Clothing Management

Participants should put any additional clothing in the kit bag they will receive along with their race bib at the ATHENS HALF MARATHON EXPO & Registration Centre, to be hosted in the Exhibition Centre HELEXPO MAROUSSI.

Runners should leave their kit bag at the identified area on Amalias Avenue (Zappeion Megaro entrance), at least 20 minutes before the Start. Right after their finish, and assisted by volunteers, runners may collect back their kit bag from the same area, presenting their race bib.

All kit bags need to have the runner's race bib sticker stamped on, clearly visible. All bags should be well closed. Please make sure that your kit bag does not contain any travel documents, jewelry, money or medicines. The Organizing Committee bears no responsibility in case of loss or damage of any valuable items in the bags.

Arriving at the Start

Runners need to be at the Start area at least one hour before the race starts (at 08.00am the latest). Remember that after 07.00am no vehicles circulation will be allowed anywhere in the city centre of Athens, while Amalias Avenue will be completed closed down for any kind of vehicle starting from 05.00am

Warm-up Area

Runners may warm up on Amalias Avenue, behind the Start area (towards Vas. Olgas Avenue).

Starting Blocks

All runners need to take their place behind the start line at least 15 minutes before the start of the Race. The athletes participating in the National Championships will be placed on top of the 1st block, at the very first start line. Runners are kindly asked to give way to athletes competing for distinction, in spirit of fair play.

A wave start system with three (3) starts is applied, while participants in the Half Marathon Race are placed in four (4) different startling blocks. The participants in the Hellenic National Championships of Half Marathon Race are placed on top of the start line. In detail:
1st Block - Participants in the Hellenic National Championships & Elite Athletes: 09.00am
2st Block - Athletes with the best 1000 finish times: 09.00am
3rd Block - Athletes with the next 2800 finish times: 09.01am
4th Block - Athletes with the next 3000 finish times & entries with no finish time stated: 09.04am

Starting the race from a different block than the designated one will result to the disqualification of the runner while no indication of his/her finish time will appear in the Official Results of the Race.

During the Race

Feed Zones

Feed zones for those participating in the Half Marathon Race are available along the course as below.

Feed Zone (km) Services Timing
Start MED WC Water     Timing Zone
3.2 & 13.8km MED WC Water     Control Zone (1.6 &16.7km)
6.2 & 16.7km MED WC Water Power Drink   Control Zone (9.5km)
9.3km MED WC Water     1km Timing Zone
11.7km MED WC Water Power Drink   Control Zone (19.2km)
19.2km MED WC Water     Control Zone (13.3km)
Finish(21.1km) MED WC Water Power Drink Bananas Timing Zone

Time Limit

The Half Marathon Race is completed at 12.15pm, 3 hours after the start, taking under consideration the real start time of the last group of runners. In case you need more time to complete the race (see timetable and feed zones closing hours below), you should know that you continue ON YOUR OWN responsibility. For your own safety, you are asked to continue running/walking on the closest pavement

This is a mandatory rule for reasons related to the safety of runners and vehicles circulation. Runners are asked to make sure that they follow these instructions in all cases.

Runners Dropping Out

The last group of runners is followed by a bus that picks up those who cannot or do not want to finish the race. If a runner drops out for any reason, he/she needs to get in contact with a staff member or volunteer of the Organizing Committee at any point of the course.

In case no medical assistance is needed, the runner may:

(a) remain where he/she stopped and wait for any authorized vehicle of the Organizing Committee to pick hp/her up and take him/her to the Finish,

(b) remain where he/she stopped and wait for the bus that follows the last group of runners and picks up those who drop out, or

(c) head to the Finish on his/her own responsibility.

Timelines and Feed Zones Hours

Feed Zones


First and Last Runner




3.2 & 13.8km

Fokianos – Vas. Konstantinou

09:10 & 11:05

6.2 & 16.7km

Alexandras Ave. & Panormou Str.

09:20 & 11:30


Patision Ave. & Pipinou Str.

09:28 & 10:24


Klafthmonos Square

09:37 & 10:45


Egypt Square – Alexandras Ave. & Patision Ave.

10:02 & 11:52

21.1km / Finish

Syntagma Square


It is anticipated that the 1st  Winner of the Half Marathon race will finish at about 1h07' - 1h09'.

Runners to continue running/walking beyond the above timelines at any part of the course, should be aware that they run/walk ON THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. After closing of each feed zone as above, vehicles circulation is gradually allowed on the relevant roads/streets.


Digital chronometer is available at the Finish line as well as on the top of the car moving in front of the leading group of runners.


Electronic timing will be recorded at both the Start and the Finish, as well as at the 10km (split time). Additional timing check points are found along the Half Marathon course as shown in the table above. The runners who have no timing indication at the Start, the Finish, the 10km or the split timing check points will be disqualified. In order to be registered in the Official Results, runners need to use the race bib with the embedded timing chip they have collected from the Athens Half Marathon EXPO & Registration Centre.

Only those to finish the race within the given time limit are included in the Official Race Results.

At the Finish

Post Race Services

Immediate medical assistance is offered by the event's medical staff at the Finish Line. Just after the finish, runners are offered a finishers' medal and may then proceed to pick up their clothing kit bag. Runners pick up their kit bags from exactly where they left it, presenting their race bib. Volunteers are always present to assist the runners.

Leaving the finish area, bottled water, isotonic drinks, refreshments and bananas are offered to the participants.

Changing Rooms

After collecting back their kit bags, the runners may use the available changing rooms (men and women) on the alley leading to the Zappeio Megaro coming from Amalias Avenue.


Distinction Medals and Certificates are only awarded to the first three Men and Women of General Ranking.

Photo Services

The Athens Half Marathon Organizing Committee is working closely with the well-known International Photo Agency, from the website of which runners are able to view and order their personal photos 24 hours after the event (