IT IS OFFICIAL! Mark your calendar for the big day! 

It is with great pleasure that SEGAS (Hellenic Athletics Federation) announces the opening of the 36th Athens Marathon Official Registration Period for individual registrations on Monday 18 April 2018, at 04.00pm sharp, local afternoon time (UTC/GMT +2). The 2018 Athens Marathon will take place on Sunday 11 November, 2018

The available individual entries for this year’s event are 20% of the total entries, as per the practices followed last year as well. The total number of entries in the shorter distance races of 10km & 5km (morning & afternoon) Road Races sum up to 26,000 runners (instead of 24,500 that was the relevant number of the 2017 event). This number suggests the ultimate registrations limit in these races, in order for the event to be organized as per the high standards of safety and quality that SEGAS applies in all its event.

This increase in the registration limit of the 5km Afternoon Road Race (8.000 instead of 6.500 entries) gives new participation opportunities and leads to a new mass record. We are getting ready to welcome in Athens in 2018 more than 53,000 runners from all over the world.

Based on the grand success and participation interest that was recorded last year, it is anticipated that the available entries for the shorter distance races of 10km & 5km will be sold out within few hours after registrations’ opening (especially for the 10km and 5km Road Races even before the first hour is expired)!

Those of you who wish to experience this Authentic celebration of life, and be present in the absolute running event of the year, get ready and secure your place in time! 

The “ATHENS MARATHON. THE AUTHENTIC” is a unique international event that captures the sport and cultural heritage of Greece; a celebration of human will and strength, a celebration of solidarity, a race that bears messages of a better future on personal, local, national and world level. We welcome you to take part in the event that was justifiably awarded, based on the 2017 event, as Event of the Year (Events Awards 2017) and Major Tourism  Event of the Year (Tourism Awards 2018), while new honors are about to come....

If you wish to join us in this lifetime experience, you are invited to act fast and register in time as it is absolutely certain that registrations will close very very soon! Remember that the online individual registrations system will become available on 18 April 2018 at 04.00pm. GET READY and ACT FAST to reserve a spot in the race of your choice so that you are not one of those to be left out

Stay tuned at, and check out the official facebook account for further and information and announcements!