The Volunteering Program of Athens Half Marathon 2016 aims to strengthen and promote the idea of participation and social offer.

The volunteerism is particularly important not only for the individuals but also for the society. Volunteerism may not be obligatory, may not be financial rewarding, but it is beneficial for the personal growth and development.

The Volunteering Program of Athens Half Marathon wishes to create an authentic, unique team of volunteers who will contribute, through the places that they will undertake in the benefit of high quality of services in the runners of Athens Half Marathon, in the distribution of value of unselfish attendance and occupation with activities that satisfy their concerns.

In the Volunteering Program we expect our volunteers acquire unique experiences, to become fellow-travelers of culture and our athletic history. We want our volunteers to offer uncomplainingly to the runners who make all-out effort, and enjoy the result of their offer.

The experienced volunteers of our program embrace the volunteerism universally and without exclusions. Through their actions they become independent, courageous and broadminded, creating occasions for attendance, and mainly are develop creative forms of collaboration, contribution, and altruism.

The volunteers recognize the multiformity of volunteerism and its values. Volunteerism means Will and it is a Life Attitude!